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“It feels so satisfying to wrap up uncomfortable messages in pretty, stomachable packages that make people want to dance and sing but also low-key cry about all of the sadness in the world at the same time.”

With an admiration for the lulling alt-pop of artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray and the homegrown rebellion of Twenty One Pilots and Lil Peep, Elliot Lee holds an awareness of what music that is unhindered by norms can do for the underrepresented. This bravado oozes through the cracks of her homemade music, with tracks that are laced with late-night-slumber-party confessions and existential cognizance. Having grown up in a nomadic lifestyle that carried her family around the country, Elliot Lee found stability in the universality of Music.


Now, as a self-taught adult with a clear vision, she has begun releasing her own original, self-produced music. With songs like “SRY ILY”, admitting the difficulties of being mentally ill and aware of one’s own toxicity, and “Earthworms”, sympathizing with how hard of a choice leaving abusive relationships can be, Elliot’s message as a voice for the voiceless is clear; she isn’t afraid to break down walls in her mission to destigmatize honesty.

“I think it might be a little sadistic but my favorite feeling in the whole world is when I play a new song of mine for my dad—who never pays attention to lyrics, by the way—and he thinks it’s some superficial pop song about being in love or whatever, and then I get to explain all of the lyrics to him and he ends up all choked up. I like making people dance and cry at the same time.” 


“'SRY ILY' is a tip of the iceberg of what we should expect from Elliot Lee”


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